Muddy Bug is a refreshing rock combo from Tucson, Arizona. We started out as a two-person 4-track project in 1999, leading to the 12-song City Girls in 2001. The year 2005 saw the release of our 18-song, self-recorded full-band debut, Old Reliable.

People have compared them to the Pixies, Pavement, Blur, and the Talking Heads, but maybe thats just because they've covered songs by those bands. They do play a wide range of rock-n-roll, ranging from slow and pretty ballads to breakneck punk, with various folk and golden-oldie influences thrown in along the way.

But don't mistake them for one of those self-proclaimed "eclectic" bands where every song ends up a jumbled fusion of crossed genres. They tend to pick an idea and stick with it. The hot side stays hot and the cool side cool. What ties it all together is their focus on melodic and harmonic interplay, full chords, memorable hooks, and involving rhythms.